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What Are The Different Types Of Xanax? Xanax Colors Explained

About Xanax

Xanax is an anti-anxiety medication that belongs to the class of drugs called benzodiazepines of medium propensity. It effectively manages and prevents symptoms, including anxiety, phobia, panic disorder, and allied condition. It is a fast-acting drug with a medium propensity, and the drug’s effect begins within 20 to 35 minutes, and the active duration of the drug is six to eight hours.

Xanax and its Effectiveness in Treating Anxiety

Xanax (Alprazolam) is an immediate and extended-release medication. It effectively manages various conditions. It is a fast-acting, potent Tranquilzer of moderate duration within the TBZD group of a chemical called benzodiazepines. It is the first line of attack for managing anxiety disorders and GAD, other uses of Xanax treatment include nausea, and it is usually taken orally.

It comes as an oral tablet, and it’s available in four strengths:

  • Xanax 0.25mg
  • Xanax0.5 mg 
  • Xanax 1mg 
  • Xanax 2mg
  • Xanax bars

 Xanax is available as an extended-release formulation Xanax (XR) as it works slowly and is released into the bloodstream over time. It is indicated for managing panic disorders and allied condition that requires the release of the drug slowly in the bloodstream to manage a panic attack.  

Xanax bars are high-potency bars; people often take them for recreational purposes. However, as this rectangular bar contains 2mg of Alprazolam, which provides instant high, it is needless to mention that it is amongst the list of most abused and misused drugs in the US.

Types of: Xanax From White to Blue 

  • White Xanax bar:  White Xanax bar is 2mg Xanax. It comes with the imprint” GG249,” also called “sticks. White Xanax comes in an oval shape with 0.25mg imprinted on the side. These bars can be easily broken into four parts, and each part will become 0.5mg. Pfizer manufactures both Xanax bars and pills.
  • Yellow Xanax bar is also known as a school bus as it resembles the shape of Xanax and is imprinted across the surface. It also contains 2mg of the active ingredient Alprazolam, and it has the imprint “RO39,” and Actavis Pharma manufactures it. 
  • The green Xanax bar is similar to white and yellow, containing 2mg of yellow and white Xanax. It contains 2mg of the active ingredient, three grooves that can be easily broken into three parts, and the imprint “S903”. “2” is on the other side of the bar.
  • Red Xanax bar is also known as “devil Xanax,” it is most likely a counterfeit drug as it has the highest potency. It contains 5mg of Alprazolam, which could be a hazardous dose and can be fatal if used. It comes with the imprint “R666”
  • Blue Xanax bar is a 2mg of Xanax, and it is also available as a round pill; it is a typical dose, and it is available in oval shape and bar. It comes with imprint B707, and you can break the bar into four parts.

How to use XANAX?

  • Please read the instruction on the leaflet on the pack and take it as advised by your doctor after you Buy Xanax Online.
  • You can have it with or without food.
  • As your prescribing practitioner advises, you can break the bar into two, three, or four parts.
  • Do not increase OR decrease the dose on your own as it may cause serious health issues, and often, people end up increasing the frequency of the drug, which may cause a rebound effect.
  • Do not temper the bar – crush, chew, or pound though Xanax bars are dividable, and you can break the bar. 
  • If you missed the dose, take it as soon as possible, and if it’s time for the next dose. Skip the missed dose and take the dose. Do not club two doses.

Who should not use the Xanax bar?

  • Xanax is not indicated if you have any preexisting health issues. The best bet is to share your medical history with your doctor, as he will adjust the dose in a better way, and it will mitigate the risk of severe side effects and certain drug interactions.
  • Xanax is not recommended if you have any of the following conditions:
  • If you are allergic to active Or inactive ingredients 
  • If you have liver disease OR kidney disease
  • If you have lung disease OR have been diagnosed with Asthma ( COPD)
  • Avoid illegal and illicit drugs, as they can cause serious health issues. CNS depressants can be fatal 
  • Avoid cranberry OR its juice as it may cause serious drug and food interaction.

In addition, if you have any health issue and you are currently taking treatment for the same, then you must inform your doctor about it.

Dangers of Fake Xanax Bars 

The rise of fake Xanax bars is alarming, and often, people buy fake Xanax as it is laced with toxic active ingredients that can have fatal effects on the mind and body. In the long haul, it can cause permanent damage to the brain and nervous system. Therefore, it is important to take from a simple website. If you are taking from the online website, it becomes much more important to ensure you are getting original Xanax delivered to your doorstep.

How to get help for Xanax Addiction?

The risk of Xanax addiction increase as taking it for an extended period may result in intolerance, and as a result, people start taking high dose to achieve a high Xanax bar.

Seek professional help, as the best bet is to manage addiction early. Xanax addiction requires a lot of time, and it can be time-consuming. Quitting and skipping any step of detoxification may fail in addiction management.

Xanax is a controlled class and Scheduled IV drug, and it is recommended for short-term use as per the guidelines of the FDA; the maximum dose for the day is 4mg. In addition, it is important to take it as per your doctor’s instruction and for the stipulated time for the better management of anxiety and allied condition.