Soma 500mg


Generic name: Carisoprodol 500mg

Imprint: SOMA 500

Strength: 500 mg

Color: white

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Soma 500mg is a muscle relaxant used to treat pain and discomfort caused due to muscle injuries, strains, and sprains. The medication works by affecting communication channels between the nerves in the central nervous system to produce muscle relaxation and impart pain relief.

Buy Soma 500mg online in the form of oral administration tablets as a single ingredient product or combination with other medications such as codeine or aspirin and codeine. The medication belongs to the muscle relaxants’ drug or medicine class, which helps in relaxing the skeletal muscles.

Apart from Soma 500mg dose, the medication is also available in other strengths of Carisoprodol, including Soma 250mg and Soma 350mg. You can buy Soma 500mg online as the highest dose of the medicine.

How Soma 500mg affect you?

Soma contains Carisoprodol, which gets broken down into meprobamate, also an active substance. It gets absorbed by the body and begins to work within 30 minutes of oral ingestion, with its effects lasting from 4-6 hours.

Soma pills reach the peak concentrations in about 1.5-2 hours and have a half-life of 1-3 hours, which also varies on every individual patient’s metabolism. Meprobamate, the metabolite of Carisoprodol, has a relatively longer half-life of 6-17 hours, which leads to accumulation when you take multiple doses.

What are some side effects of Soma pills?

Soma 500mg pills’ frequent side effects include drowsiness, headache, fast heartbeat, slowed thinking, confusion, skin rash, upset stomach, and sluggish movements.

More severe Soma side effects include weakness, tiredness, fever, burning in the eyes, and difficulty breathing. However, severe adverse effects are rare when a patient uses Soma pills at the prescribed doses. To avoid severe effects, never take more than prescribed or more frequent doses.

Soma withdrawal symptoms depend upon the severity and duration of the use. If you take Soma pills for longer than the prescribed duration or higher doses, you may experience unwanted withdrawal symptoms on discontinuation. To avoid these symptoms, it is advisable to decrease the dose of Soma while stopping the treatment gradually.

What precautions should you follow while using Soma 500mg?

To prevent side effects and medication interactions, the patient needs to discuss all the prescription and non-prescription medicines they take or plan to take with a certified doctor. Particularly tell about the sedatives, muscle relaxants, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, vitamins, allergy medicines, and medications for coughs and colds.

Patients with kidney or liver impairment should take Soma 500mg pills with caution as the medicine can cause severe adverse effects for them.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should cautiously take Soma pills as the medication can harm the baby. Carisoprodol enters the body of a pregnant woman and could cause withdrawal symptoms in the newborn child. Likewise, it enters the breast milk and passes it on to the nursing baby through it, thus causing harmful withdrawal symptoms such as excessive sleepiness.

Soma 500mg pills can make you drowsy or sleepy when you take them. As a result, the patients shouldn’t drive a vehicle, operate any hefty machinery, or do any work that needs their mental alertness until they exactly know the effects of the medication on their brain.

Who should not take Soma 500mg pills?

The 500mg pills of Soma are the highest strength of the medication. Elderly or debilitating patients should not take it as they may be more prone to its side effects.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also cautiously take Soma 500mg pills due to their potential to cause unwanted withdrawal symptoms in the newborn or nursing infant. 

Patients with several medical and health conditions should avoid taking Soma 500mg pills or take them at the lowest possible dose. Always consult a certified medical care professional before using the medicine.

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